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Disney Infinity adds five new Toy Boxes

Disney Infinity players now have access to five new Toy Boxes, including two inspired by Toy Story, Disney Interactive recently announced.

In the Toy Story Claw box, based off the movie's claw crane game, players must find 10 aliens and return them to their ship. The Toy Story Racer box, meanwhile, is a space-themed racetrack.

Other new boxes add a race track inspired by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a box for players to solve puzzles and a sequel to the original Sky Gauntlet Toy Box.

New boxes can be downloaded by selecting Toy Box from the game's main menu. Watch the trailer below for a look at all five boxes.

Disney recently announced that characters from movies such as Tangled, Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph will be available this holiday. According to the game's executive producer, Disney princesses were among the "top requests" for character additions.

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