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Artist creates a Lego Atari 2600

Set in a recreation of an ‘80s basement made of scrap material, artist Chris McVeigh has created a representation of an Atari 2600 console using Lego bricks.

According to McVeigh, he wanted to capture a basement in the early '80s and did so by using scraps of material and warm lighting. Along with the Lego console created using his own custom kit, the rust-colored rug is four pieces of textured felt, the baseboard is a piece of balsa wood he brushed over watered-down acrylic paint and the wall is two sheets of a 12x12 wood paneling print.

Those interested can check out how to make their own Lego console — which sits at 3.75 inches wide — with a custom kit via McVeigh's website. The Lego retro game console building kit also includes two classic joysticks and three cartridges.

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