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Ingress exits open beta Dec. 14

Niantic Labs' augmented reality massivley multiplayer game, Ingress, will leave open beta on Dec. 14, according to an announcement on the game's official Google Plus page.

The roll-out will coincide with the conclusion of the worldwide 9-week, 39-city global player event called Operation #13MAGNUS. From today, the invitation code required to enter the game’s beta has been dropped, allowing all Android users into the beta.

To acknowledge their support during the testing period, Niantic will give all Ingress players who reach Level 5 before Dec. 14 a unique badge: The Founder Medal. Full details about the roll out and listing of Operation #13MAGNUS dates and cities can be viewed on Ingress' Google Plus page.

Developed by members of the team that created Google Earth, Maps and Street View, Ingress launched late last year and has been in open beta since. Players of the augmented reality game leverage real-world locations to influence in-game events. Android users can download Ingress free through Google Play.