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Vlambeer grants automatic permission for game footage monetization

Feel free to post and profit from videos of Vlambeer games online.

The Dutch developer of games like Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box created a web form that grants permission to monetize videos of its games. Entering your username on the "monetizethat$hit" corner of Vlambeer's official site will generate a form that grants the developer's permission retroactively.

The message also explains the developer's thinking.

"Seriously, '[username]' is allowed to monetize videos using our games for commercial goals," the message reads. "It's good for us too when people share their opinion about our games, you know. Free marketing and all that, but also a good way for us to lift our moods when we're a bit demotivated — watching videos of people playing our games is really energizing for us. We'd recommend it to engineers and designers over at your place."

For more on the developer, be sure to check out our interview with Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman about Ridiculous Fishing, a game that was cloned at birth.

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