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Add a little 'Attack on Titan' to your Civ 5 game with this mod

A new mod on Steam Workshop adds elements of popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan to Civilization 5 games, including a new leader, units and abilities.

The Attack on Titan Civ mod by Steam user "Yuuko" adds Eren Jaeger of The Walls as a playable civilization. In Attack on Titan, The Walls — long barriers surrounding the last strongholds of civilization — are humanity's defense against the giant human-eating Titans, and Eren Jaeger is the main protagonist of the series.

"Yuuko" writes that the mod has adapted Eren's character, The Walls as a civilization and new abilities to mesh with the Civilization 5 universe and style of play; the modder has adapted the lore of Attack on Titan into skills and stats boosts for different units, buildings and abilities.

Eren, as a leader, will need a strong military and heightened city defense, according to the mod's page. Eren dislikes the use of spies, will be a "loyal ally" to players unless they are "warmongers" and will strive for diplomatic victories.

The mod's new ability, "Humanity," adds extra Culture points to several areas in the game and increases Great Generals' spawning rates by 40 percent. Great Generals will also receive a Movement bonus for beginning turns with land military units that have greater than two Movement points. Its unique building, The Walls, replaces the Castle building and adds an additional point in Combat Strength and 50 health points to the city — as well as one extra point for Tourism.

Attack on Titan's new unit, Scouting Legion, is "significantly better at scouting, flanking attacks, city attacks, and moving/fighting through forest and jungle than the Lancer [unit]," the page notes. Scouting Legions will receive combat penalties in open terrain, however, and "Yuuko" advises players keep them moving stealthily through forests and other covered areas.

"Yuuko" notes that the Attack on Titan Civ mod requires the Gods and Kings expansion and the Fall Patch for Brave New World in order to run.

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