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Broforce trailer revels in its pixelated hyperviolence

A new trailer for Broforce starts with a parody of sci-fi landmark The Matrix, as the Keanu Reeves character asks Bropheus about the existence of the Broforce and is told he must see it for himself.

From there, the trailer dispenses with anything resembling a plot and opts instead for a pixelated bloodbath. Bro Neo (Broneo? Nebro?) has the powers of his movie counterpart, being able to stop bullets in their tracks and even shoot them back.

The trailer also offers glimpses at other characters based on action movie heroes, from Robrocop to Rambro.

Back in July, Polygon spoke with developer Free Lives Games about Broforce, the appeal of 80s action movies and the addition of female player heroes based on characters like Ripley and Sarah Connor from the Alien and Terminator movies, respectively.

A free "brototype" of Broforce can be played here; the game is expected to launch in 2014.