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Need for Speed Rivals bumped up to Nov. 15 release for PS4 launch

The PlayStation 4 version of Need for Speed Rivals will be released Nov. 15 to coincide with the next-gen console's launch, according to a post today on the PlayStation Blog.

Ghost Games' driving simulator was originally slated for a staggered release for many platforms beginning Nov. 22, but Electronic Arts community manager Jessica Damerst explained that the development team worked to make the game available for the PS4's launch.

"The wait for a next-gen games is getting unbearable!" she wrote. "And our team at Ghost Games has been pushing themselves to be a part of PlayStation's big launch day. We're excited to announce today that Need for Speed Rivals will be a launch title for PS4 in North America on November 15."

Need for Speed Rivals will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC Nov. 19 in North America and Nov. 22 on in Europe. It will also launch Nov. 22 for Xbox One in North America.

For more Need for Speed Rivals, be sure to read Polygon's impressions of the PS4 version, which we found to be more visually impressive than the PC version.

Last month, the previously announced driving sim DriveClub was delayed from the PS4's launch to 2014.