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EA still working to overcome 'Worst Company in America' awards, says CEO

After winning The Consumerist's award for "Worst Company in America" two years in a row, Electronic Arts began examining what the company had done to make consumers so upset — an endeavor it's still working through today, according to recently-minted EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

Wilson told Polygon that the two-year naming streak as "Worst Company" was "a wake up call."

"Whether you respect the source or not, I think it was a wake up call, and it was absolutely something that we spent a lot of time and energy over, and continue to spend a lot of time and energy over," he said. "For us, it was less about, 'How do we not get voted the worst company again?' but more about, 'Okay, are there things that we could do differently or things that we have done that have been misinterpreted that would cause people to feel that way?'"

Wilson said that EA's role is to "build great games and services." The Consumerist's poll may have called this dedication into question, and the company has been examining past actions that may have impeded their goal to create and deliver content that consumers enjoy.

"What we have been doing over time is really working to either update those things or eliminate those things, and really get back to our focus on games," he said. "Because at the end of the day, if we're making great games and services, we won't get voted worst company in America again."

After The Consumerist's judging in April, EA's Peter Moore vowed that the company could and would "do better" for consumers in the future. The following month, it did away with its Online Pass program.