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Best Buy to offer two-year gaming discount membership for $120

Best Buy's new Unlocked Epic Gaming Package will offer participants 20 percent off of new video games for any console for two years, a representative for the retailer told Polygon.

Consumers can purchase a two-year Gamers Club Unlocked membership for $119.99 and begin receiving discounts Nov. 10, 2013. Best Buy points out that the cost is the equivalent of discounts on 10 games, assuming each game purchased retails for $59.99 and nets buyers a discount of $11.99 per game.

Additional benefits include double points for every dollar received for trade-in games and purchases of games, digital content and accessories. Customers can redeem points for Reward Certificates good on "nearly everything [at] Best Buy." Subscribers will also get 10 percent bonus trade-in credit and 10 percent off of pre-owned games. Those who sign up will also receive two welcome coupons, one which offers 50 percent off of a new strategy guide and one that allows you to buy two pre-owned games and and get one free.

Subscribers are restricted to using their discount for three copies of each new game across any platform. For example, they could purchase two copies for PlayStation 4 and one for Xbox 360.

Details about the Unlocked Epic Gaming Package will circulate in an ad Best Buy will run Nov. 10.

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