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This playable Game Boy Color costume wins Halloween 2013

YouTube user MikeHandidate fulfilled his "lifelong dream" and became a Game Boy Color this Halloween.

That's how he describes his ambition in a description for a YouTube video showing off the Halloween costume he created. Press play above to see how he transformed himself into a playable red Game Boy color, with the D-pad on his right hand, the A and B buttons in his left hand, a screen on his chest and wires running everywhere to make it work. Pokemon fans will also enjoy the game that's running in the video above.

"The screen is 16::10, so GBA games look a little better than GBC," he wrote in the video's description. "But a GBA costume wouldn't have fit through doors..."

The Pokémon-athon:

719 Pokemon, 61 games, 1 website

Click here for undiluted nostalgia