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Build your own handheld with the DIY Gamer Kit

Are the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita too prefabricated for you? Have you ever wanted to build your own handheld gaming console? Well, the DIY Gamer Kit from Technology Will Save Us allows you to do just that while learning programming in the process.

Its creators break the handheld down into four stages or uses: Make, in which you assemble it, Play, in which you play games, Code, in which you write the code that runs the games and Invent, in which you create the games you'll play on the 8 by 8 LED Matrix screen using proprietary software called Arduino.


The DIY Gamer Kit is available to pre-order for £50.00 (about $80) through its official website and will ship in an estimated 2-3 weeks. According to its creators, the DIY Gamer Kit takes about two hours to assemble with some soldering required. (You can also pick up a soldering kit on the website for £66.67, which is about $107.)

Other products from Technology Will Save Us include the DIY Instrument Kit, which allows you to build and create your own musical device, and the DIY Speakers Kit, which allows you to build your own speakers.

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