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Gran Turismo 6 is going to the Moon

Not content with modeling more than a thousand cars drivable on planet Earth, Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital is now apparently shooting for the Moon. In a newly released trailer for Gran Turismo 6, the "real driving simulator" creator teases lunar driving.

The PlayStation 3 game's car list shows that the Lunar Roving Vehicle LEV-001 '71 — seemingly based on the Apollo 15 LRV — will be among the 120-plus new vehicles included in Gran Turismo 6, but it's currently unclear if Moon races will be limited to that vehicle only or if the Lunar Roving Vehicle can be driven on any of the game's 100 track layouts. We've contacted Sony Computer Entertainment for details.

The Moon isn't the only heavenly body getting new consideration in Gran Turismo 6. In a separate video, Polyphony shows off the game's astronomical simulation system.

"On night tracks you can enjoy a simulated night sky with accurate positions of the stars and constellations," the official GT6 website reads. "You can watch the passage of time, with the moon and stars moving across the night sky as you would see in real life."

See that in action below.

Gran Turismo 6 will come to PlayStation 3 on Dec. 6.

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