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Report: Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler in talks for Kane & Lynch film adaptation

Actors Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel are in talks to star in an upcoming film adaptation of IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Butler, best known for his role in 300, will reportedly take on the role of Kane, with Riddick star Diesel currently being offered the Lynch role. Director F. Gary Gray, whose previous work includes 2009 film Law Abiding Citizen, is believed to be in the run for the director's chair.

A film adaptation of the game was previously in the works in 2007, with plans bring together Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx as the titular duo. Film rights have since moved from Lionsgate Studios to Nu Image/Millenium Films Project. A script is reportedly being written by Skip Woods and Kyle Ward, with Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter set to produce.