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Infinite Crisis trailer introduces love-mad Harley Quinn

The newest gameplay trailer for DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis introduces the Joker's companion, Harley Quinn.

Once a therapist named Harleen Quinzel who was obsessed with psychosis and drawn to the Joker because of it, she went mad herself and took a new, more fitting name. As befitting the Joker's erstwhile sidekick, Harley is designed to play a support role: Her passive skill "BFFs" gives a nearby ally increased attack damage and movement speed every time she uses an ability, and "Best Medicine" heals a friendly champion or NPC.

Harley can toss deadly pies at nearby enemies, and she also has a number of skills that use the massive mallet she carries: "Back Off" knocks an enemy back, dealing extra damage and knocking them down if they collide with a wall or object, and her ultimate "Puddin' Time" smashes the ground in front of her, knocking foes into the air.

Infinite Crisis is still in beta with a release planned for this year.

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