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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' nightmarish enemies detailed

Blizzard has shared more details on the enemies players will encounter in Diablo 3's upcoming expansion Reaper of Souls, posting profiles of 10 demonic entities on

Malthael, the antagonist of Reaper of Souls, uses an item called the Black Soulstone to suit his purpose, turning spirits of the dead into vicious foes to block players' progress. These demons reside in Westmarch — "a macabre combination of ghastly lieutenants and baleful constructs," according to the post.

Some enemies are fallen angels, beings once on the side of good that have been corrupted to serve Malthael's foul purposes, like the telekinetic Seraph. The Death Maiden is one of a retinue of followers that traveled through the mortal world helping Urzael, servant of Malthael, to find his master. The Shadow of Death and Summoner of the Dead will stalk their victims with sinister magic.

Other creatures were once human, but have since been corrupted, like the undead, fleshless Revenant Soldier. The Executioner were Westmarch criminals in life, remorseless murderers in death. Exorcists are the former spiritual warriors of the realm, once exorcising demons from the town — now they rob the living of their souls. Revenant Archers can see their targets through stone, wood and even through the ground, and never miss. And Revenant Shield Guards were once the personal guards of a king, fallen and warped to use their sword and shield against players.

And then there is the War Beast — corruptions of the dogs that once guarded Westmarch. These animals are now savage and wild, hunting in packs and tearing through whomever they find.

Reaper of Souls was announced at Gamescom 2013 for the Windows PC and Mac versions of Diablo 3 and is slated to launch next year. Blizzard confirmed last month that it will also be coming to PlayStation 4.

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