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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow intro video dissects the city of the future

The intro trailer for SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow goes over some of the parts of a successful future city.

On the one hand, the city of tomorrow must contain an Academy, which researches advanced technology and operates the city's ControlNet. Said ControlNet oversees things like the energy-generating Wave Generator and the trash-destroying Garbage Atomizer, as well as the city's Maglev train network. On the other hand, a successful city must be profitable, and mayors of the future may want to invest in OmegaCo's factories and drone technology.

People of tomorrow need places to live, work and shop, all of which can be contained in a single Mega Tower. However, in addition to the standard natural disasters that modern-day cities must contend with, future cities must also worry about potential threats from giant killer robots.

Cities of Tomorrow launches on Nov. 12.