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EverQuest Next Landmark video examines your crafting tools

With its upcoming next-gen MMORPG EverQuest Next, Sony Online Entertainment plans on letting players build in its world a la Minecraft with a parallel game companion, EverQuest Next Landmark.

A new dev diary examines the tools players will be given in Landmark and some of the materials they have to work with. Players start with a simple copper pick that allows them to access the first "tier" of materials like tin and iron, which can be turned into an iron pickaxe that in turn allows players to access more advanced resources like amethyst and silver. There are five tiers of materials altogether, with each requiring higher-quality tools to harvest.

The dev diary takes a look at some of the materials in question and how they can be used. Different types of stone can be used for buildings and paved roads, while wood can be turned into walls and rooftop shingles alike. Players can also work with things like sand and snow, though one imagines they wouldn't be very effective when it comes to building a house.

EverQuest Next is expected to launch some time in 2014.

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