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Rambo's muscles glisten in Rambo: The Video Game trailer

A new trailer for Rambo: The Video Game features rail shooting, exploding policemen and Sylvester Stallone's glistening, muscular arms.

The trailer offers glimpses at the three sections of the game corresponding to the three films in the Rambo trilogy: First Blood, First Blood Part 2 and Rambo 3. In First Blood, Rambo must fight a veritable army of corrupt policemen; he is then recruited for virtual suicide missions on behalf of the United States military in places like Afghanistan.

Perhaps the single greatest moment of the trailer involves Rambo pulling a helicopter gunner out of his aircraft and throwing him screaming into the water approximately three feet below.

Rambo: The Video Game is planned for a 2014 launch on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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