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Grim Dawn now available on Steam Early Access

Grim Dawn, an action RPG from Arthur Bruno, the maker of Iron Lore's Titan Quest, is now available on Steam Early Access.

The top-down, loot-based quasi-Victorian fantasy was Kickstarted last year raising $537,515 against a $280,000 goal. It allows players to delve into a variety of skill-trees in order to personalize individual characters.

"We're still working on expanding content and features for Grim Dawn but it is already very playable and the core gameplay is fun and relatively polished," stated developer Crate Entertainment's Steam announcement. The Early Access features the game's first act, which Crate says is worth at least eight hours in a first-run. Grim Dawn is being offered for $26.99, a ten percent discount on its full price of $29.99

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