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DC Universe Online PS3 and PS4 players will share servers

DC Universe Online players who have accounts on the PlayStation 3 will be able to play the game with PlayStation 4 account holders when the MMO launches on Sony's next-gen console, according to senior creative director Jens Andersen in an interview with Games Beat.

When the PlayStation 4 launches, those who are currently playing DC Universe Online on the PS3 will be able to transfer their existing account to the PS4. According to Andersen, "everything transfers when you log into your account on the new console." PS3 and PS4 players will share servers, which means they will be able to play together, even though they're using different consoles. "People won't have to make the tough choice to keep their PS3 plugged in just to keep playing DC Universe Online," Andersen said.

Sony Online Entertainment will roll out an update on Nov. 11 to prepare the game for the PS4 launch. All of the PS3 assets have been upgraded for the PS4 environment, and Andersen said players on the PS4 will experience a noticeable difference in the way the game looks. Update 31 will contain more than 2,000 changes, which are a result of three years of collecting community feedback.

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