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New Square Enix business strategy makes North America the center of online games development

Square Enix is making "strategic changes" to its digital entertainment business, which includes turning its North American studios into a hub for online games development, the company revealed in its recently released financial results slides.

The company's domestic studios across Japan will begin focusing on the production of mobile games, while plans are underway to expand activity primarily in Asia.

Square Enix hopes to transform "the fixed-price model" of online games "into variable earnings models" like the currently under-developent free-to-play title Nosgoth.

The company is also planning on bringing sequels of popular franchises Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy Agito to mobile. The latest Final Fantasy Agito release is slated for this winter while Dragon Quest 10 will arrive on the "d-game" platform as a cloud game for smart devices between December 2013 and February 2014. Release windows for its other titles are still undecided.

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