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You Don't Know Jack sale celebrates series' 18th birthday

It's been 18 years since trivia game You Don't Know Jack first graced gaming. To celebrate, developer Jackbox Games is holding a sale of its series of games, stretching all the way back to 1995.

Various 1990s volumes of the game, in which a feisty host throws questions at multiple players, are available for $2.99 while the 'Classic Pack 2013' compilation costs $19.99.

"In September 1995, we launched You Don't Know Jack and, somehow, our studio has become even less mature," said Jackbox Games' Mike Bilder. "But we continue to be humbled by the love millions of gamers still have for our franchise and we wanted to find a way to recognize and celebrate our fans at this meaningless milestone in our history."

Over the years, the series has sold more than five million units, according to Jackbox, with social and mobile app downloads adding a further 4.5 million.

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