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Earth Assault, Bloodred Wyvern launch for PlayStation Mobile

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Six new titles, including Carlos Barcenas-Portillo's Earth Assault and Mukagosoftware Development's Bloodred Wyvern, are now available via PlayStation Mobile.

Earth Assault, available for $5.49, is a shoot-‘em-up in which players battle alien attacks. The game is set up similarly to Space Invaders, with players shooting up at descending enemies. In Bloodred Wyvern, a third-person rail-shooter priced at $.99, players fly wyverns while taking down enemies.

Other available titles include Decision ($.49), Re:marriage ($1.49), Super Tank Poker ($2.29) and Miko Gakkou: Second Year ($2.29). For more on each game, check out the full post on the PlayStation Blog.

Games are available via the PlayStation Mobile section of the PSN.