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Pikmin 3 gets new battle stages DLC today

The second round of Pikmin 3 downloadable content is available today, offering players a pack of new challenges in the Battle Enemies mission type, Nintendo has announced.

The pack of four challenges is available via the Wii U eShop for $1.99. Nintendo notes that one stage will be added to players' games for free via an automatic software update.

The four new challenges feature locations from Pikmin 3's Story Mode and are packed with enemies for players' hordes of Pikmin to take down. Each stage can be played in single-player or in co-op mode, and all high scores earned in these new challenges will be displayed on global leaderboards sharing rankings from players around the world.

To purchase the DLC, players must go to the Pikmin 3 page on the Wii U eShop, select "Downloadable Content" and follow the instructions. After restarting their game of Pikmin 3, the new content can be accessed from the Mission Mode menu.

Pikmin 3 launched on Aug. 4 in North America. Read Polygon's review here.