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Lineage 2: Valiance expansion coming this year

Valiance, the next content expansion for Ncsoft's massively multiplayer online game, Lineage 2, is scheduled for release "later this year," the company announced today.

The expansion will include a new clan halls, Adena distribution and Raid Boss Summoning systems. In addition, the fishing system, Open Field Raid Bosses and Raid Point Ranking system have been revamped. The Seed of Destruction and Infinity in Gracia have been reworked and reborn as instance zones.

Valiance will feature four major returning raid bosses, such as Beleth, Darion, Lilith and Anakim. Beleth (Level 99 ) is the Ruler of Hellbound and a demonic wizard whose power was obtained from the forbidden. Darion (Level 99) is Beleth's retainer who was placed among the people by Beleth in order to rule Hellbound.

Lilith (Level 89) is the daughter of Shilen who was resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones. Lilith carries out Shilen's orders.  Anakim (Level 94) is the ninth daughter of Einhasad, also resurrected from one of the two Seal Stones, and is preparing a sacrifice for her once enemy, Shilen.

Set 150 years before the first Lineage,  Lineage 2 first launched in South Korea in 2003 and rolled out to North America the following year.

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