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Knack co-op trailer shows a mode aimed at newbie gamers

A new trailer shows the asymmetric co-op mode in PlayStation 4 launch title Knack in all of its partner-smacking action.

Though Knack was designed as a challenging game with old-school sensibilities, writes SCEA's associate project manager Nick Accordino, the co-op mode was created to introduce less-experienced players to the game's world. The co-op is designed to be seamless, he says, with a second player picking up a controller and hopping right in.

The trailer shows Knack and his companion Robo Knack in action; Robo Knack can use many of Knack's own moves, and can heal and donate parts to the original.

As the end of the trailer demonstrates, Knack and Robo Knack can also spend time smacking each other instead of saving the world.

Knack will launch alongside the PS4 on Nov. 15 in North America and Nov. 29 in Europe.

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