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XSplit issues password reset alert (update)

Video streaming software provider XSplit issued a password reset alert today after reports of suspicious activity.

Posting to the company's blog, the XSplit team wrote that various data on XSplit's servers may have been compromised, "in particular, your XSplit account name and hashed password, as well as account name and stream key for live streaming services that you have used."

XSplit assured users that no credit card or PayPal details are stored with XSplit account data.

The company is in the process of setting up a password reset page that will allow users to reset their passwords by entering their username and following instructions from an email sent to their inbox. More details can be found here.

XSplit is a service that is popular among those who stream their games to the internet. It is also used for streaming eSports matches.

UPDATE: XSplit users can now reset their password here.

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