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Link Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Twitch for DLC

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can receive in-game content through a new option to link the game to their Twitch account, Twitch announced today.

Users can head here to link Twitch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and once they do, they'll be eligible to earn in-game content tied to an upcoming tournament, the 2013 DreamHack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship. People who spectate live tournament matches on Twitch will have the chance to pick up DreamHack Winter 2013 Souvenir Packages, which contain special items that can be used in Global Offensive.

"Among those ushering in a new wave of innovation is Valve, whose Steam-connected item drops showcase a fresh way to leverage live broadcasts," said Matthew DiPietro, vice president of marketing for Twitch, in a press release.

The Global Offensive tournament itself will run from Nov. 28-30 during DreamHack.