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Legend of Raven comes to PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita with cross-play

2D fighting game created by former SNK and King of Fighters developers, Legend of Raven, is set for a release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Nicalis announced today.

Formally known as Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, the game is also set for a release on the PlayStation Vita, publisher Nicalis announced in August. According to Victor Rodriguez, CEO and executive producer, the game will launch on the PS Vita rather than the originally planned release on the 3DS "due to the incredibly overwhelming response from the fighting gaming community."

Legend of Raven for the PS Vita and PS3 features cross-buy and cross-play, allowing up to two users play each other on different platforms. The fighting game will also implement Tony Cannon’s GGPO, fighting game networking software developed to help diminish lag in online play. The title also touts an overhauled soundtrack, new parallax scrolling effects and local wireless play.

Rodriguez previously revealed that the fighting game will have a "super-unique color commentary system [that] emulates that old arcade experience," featuring its own commentators. The developers accepted auditions in September for one member of the gaming community the opportunity to voice a commentator.

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