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X Rebirth trailer teaches you how to explore the final frontier

The latest trailer for Egosoft's space sim, X Rebirth, explains how to explore the universe effectively using a craft's long range scanner.

As highlighted in the video, if used skilfully, the scanner can detect small objects from a long distance.

X Rebirth also features space combat, which ranges from small dogfights up to fleet-scale space combat. Players can choose to fight for the military, become a pirate, work for the police or be a pacifist and fight only when necessary.

The space sandbox title also lets the player explore detailed cities and land on the buildings, as highlighted in a previous developer diary. Users can explore the interiors of structures, to the extent of crawling through repair ducts.

Players can also delve two types of trading. Firstly, the user can choose to trade from port to port in small quantities using their own ship. The second option allows the player to trade in bulk quantities using a fleet of cargo ships.

The title is set to launch Nov. 15 in Europe and Nov. 19 in North America for Windows PC.

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