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Might and Magic Duel of Champions now on Steam with cross-play

Might and Magic Duel of Champions, Ubisoft's free-to-play card-based strategy game, is now live on Steam, the company announced today.

The game, which involves building a deck to duel against an opponent with, launched on Windows PC and iPad on Dec. 18. Players on Windows PC, Steam and iPad platforms can play Might and Magic Duel of Champions against each other with the title' s cross-play features. In the free-to-play title players can obtain new cards by either spending real-life currency or winning them in successful battles.

"Might and Magic Duel of Champions has seen continuous content updates including new decks with new Heroes, creatures, spells and events cards."  Ubisoft Quebec's live producer Samuel Jobin said in a statement. "Our most recent expansion, Forgotten Wars, doubled player numbers and now the game's arrival to Steam creates a new way to reach PC gamers who are our core fans and the base of our community."

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