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Final Fantasy veterans team up for mobile 'blockbuster JRPG' Granblue Fantasy

Japanese developer Cygames unveiled a new mobile "blockbuster" role-playing game today, Granblue Fantasy, according to the company's page.

Granblue Fantasy will feature the work of two Final Fantasy series veterans, composer Nobuo Uematsu and character designer Hideo Minaba. The title will also feature voice work from noted voice actor Hiroaki Hirata, who lent his talents to Final Fantasy 12 and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and does all Japanese translation voice-overs for actor Johnny Depp.

Granblue Fantasy centers around a fantasy world in peril. Players will build up parties of four characters and send them into battle using a command-based combat system, in which players takes turns with opponents and select actions for each party member to execute. Players can also use crystals to summon beasts into battle to assist them, as well as utilize a job class system similar to the classic Final Fantasy model, allowing them to switch and use different abilities. Check out the trailer above for a first look at the mobile title in action.

The game will be free to download, but the listing on Cygame's page mentions "some pricing," hinting at in-app purchases.

Granblue Fantasy will launch this winter in Japan only and will be distributed by social games publisher Mobage. There are currently no details on a possible international release.