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GameStick public launch delayed, backers reporting crashes

The public launch for PlayJam's GameStick Android-based microconsole has been delayed to Nov. 15 due to production delays, PlayJam chief marketing officer Anthony Johnson confirmed to Polygon this morning.

GameStop lists the GameStick's release date as Nov. 15, the same day as the PlayStation 4, while according to Amazon the GameStick is still only available for pre-order. Backers of the GameStick Kickstarter campaign began receiving their units in late August, while the public was originally slated to get the device on Sept. 30. Launch was pushed back to Oct. 29 and again to today, Nov. 8.

"The date was pushed back to the 15th for no other reason than production and logistics delays," Johnson said. "GameStop's shipment landed in Texas this morning awaiting customs clearance so it is well on its way."

"We had a few teething issues highlighted during our Kickstarter activations."

GameStick users have reported widespread issues with the microconsole, including UI freezes, the tiny device running too hot and problems connecting to wireless internet.

In a post on the GameStick Kickstarter campaign page, PlayJam noted the internet connectivity issue stems from the GameStick being close to other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. Players should reboot their router and disconnect all other devices before again trying to connect the GameStick. PlayJam notes they are working on a permanent fix for this issue.

"We had a few teething issues highlighted during our Kickstarter activations — the majority of which have been ironed out," Johnson said of these issues.

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