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Heroes of the Storm videos show the gameplay and design of Blizzard's new MOBA

Three new videos from BlizzCon show the universe of Heroes of the Storm in action and offer insight into its creation.

The video above is a developer diary featuring interviews with the Heroes of the Storm team. In it, the developers explain gameplay decisions like eliminating the "last-hitting" mechanic where the character who delivers the final blow is the only one who gets a reward for it.

The dev diary also outlines certain heroes and their roles on a team. The Witch Doctor from Diablo 3 is designed as a siege heroes who destroys enemy towns, whereas Abathur, Kerrigan's Zerg assistant in StarCraft 2 is a "commander" who hides far from the field of battle and controls minions to do his bidding.

The other two videos below are both trailers that debuted this morning at BlizzCon's opening ceremony. The first is a cinematic trailer that follows StarCraft heroes Jim Raynor and Nova and Diablo's Tyrael as they fight against Warcraft's Lich King Arthas, StarCraft's Kerrigan and Diablo himself.

The second video is a gameplay trailer that shows heroes from Blizzard's franchises on the fields of battle in Heroes of the Storm.

Beta signups to Heroes of the Storm are open today through your account.