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Killer Instinct to receive Arcade Mode after Season One release

The next-gen reboot of Killer Instinct will receive an Arcade Mode following the end of its first season, Microsoft Studios game designer Daniel Fornace recently told OXM.

Speaking with the publication, Fornace explained that the mode would be available after the studio releases eight characters. Six will be available at launch, while the last two will be added post-release.

"So once the last character comes out then we'll have Arcade," Fornace said. "In the meantime we have Survival. And Survival is like our endless mode."

In the game's survival mode, players pick a difficulty and fight in a chain of battles. As players progress, they'll generate less and less health, and battles will become more difficult.

Killer Instinct launches exclusively for Xbox One alongside the console Nov. 22. Check out our hands-on preview with the game's tutorial system, also known as Dojo Mode.

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