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Prison Architect alpha update 15 adds mod system

Early Access prison simulator Prison Architect now features a mod system to "better support community-made mods," developer Introversion Software announced via the game's forums.

Players will no longer have to hack directly into the game's files to make mods work. The system allows players to easily activate or deactivate mods in-game, and several mods can run simultaneously.

"We don't really know where this will go, but we'll be watching the community closely to see what people do with it," designer Chris Delay wrote.

The update also makes a change to staff members. Staff members will now become tired as they work and will require downtime. Staff members can recuperate in the newly added Staff Room.

More information on the update is available on the game's forums, or watch the video above. Prison Architect will automatically be updated for Steam users, while those without Steam can download the latest version from the game's website.

Prison Architect was one of the first titles to launch on Steam Early Access. The game's last update added guard dogs.