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Envision Entertainment partners with Ubisoft for first project

The founders of German studio Phenomic Games — a company that later closed down under the ownership of Electronic Arts — announced today that their new studio Envision Entertainment will be working on a project with Ubisoft.

While the studio did not reveal the nature of the project, CEO Dirk Ringe said in a statement that Envision Entertainment was formed so that the team could do what it does best: "to build deep online strategy games."

Described by its founders as having "risen from the ashes of EA Phenomic," the Ingelheim-based studio is comprised of Phenomic Games' original founders Dirk Ringe, Boris Kunkel and Volker Wertich, as well as a team of more than 25 developers.

"We envision games that last for years," Ringe said. "[Games] that are places that gamers return to frequently to find new challenges and meet like-minded people. Social strategy, so to speak."

The team behind Envision Entertainment previously worked on titles like the SpellForce series, BattleForge, Lord of Ultima and Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

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