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APB Retribution coming to iOS this month

APB Retribution, a mobile companion app based on the often troubled MMO APB Reloaded, will arrive later this month and introduce players to the backstreets of San Paro, Develop reports.

The spin-off, developed by APB studio Reloaded Productions and Scottish studio Blazing Griffin, is a top-down tactical shooter developed over a period of six months.

"Working alongside Blazing Griffin has allowed us to expand and explore a different aspect of the APB universe, whilst still concentrating on content creation for APB Reloaded," Reloaded Productions MD Michael Boniface told Develop. "This is something that would not have been possible without undertaking in this co-development experience."

Reloaded Productions took over the development of the MMO following the failure of the game's original developer Realtime Worlds, which has since been shuttered.

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