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Watch Jon Stewart make fun of the NSA’s foray into World of Warcraft

The National Security Agency's spying on games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life didn't go unnoticed by The Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Yesterday, newly disclosed classified documents revealed that the NSA spied on services and games in fear that virtual hangouts for online gamers could be a place for terrorist activity and planning. In a recent segment, Stewart took a playful swipe at the NSA's methods. Stewart interviews Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi about players' knowledge of the NSA's activities.

"We feel betrayed, Jon," says Mandvi, dressed as a character called Greychalk. "The idea that people are joining World of Warcraft and then misrepresenting themselves is unthinkable."

You can watch the spoof below. At the time of the discovery, Blizzard officials said they did not give permission for any agencies to use World of Warcraft to gather information.

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