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GTA Online glitch lets you explore North Yankton in full

A glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online lets players return to the North Yankton area of the game and explore the world without the cops on their tail, as detailed in a video from CVG.

Footage taken following the most recent patch 1.07 shows in detail how you can get back to the region. First, the player needs a friend to begin an invite only session in the game, then the user will need to play through the prologue once again. Once the player reaches the section of the prologue where the garage doors open to a group of waiting police, they'll need to take a left once they pass the Bobcat van and pause the game. At that point, the player will need their friend to invite them into their GTA Online closed session.

Once spawned into the online session, the player will need a helicopter to head to the bottom right of the map. Once there, the player should spot mountains floating in the air. As the player continues toward the mountains, North Yankton will appear below them.

You can watch the video in full at CVG.

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