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Super Crate Box, Fuel Tiracas go free on PS Mobile

Vlambeer's Super Crate Box and FuturLab's Fuel Tiracas are the latest games to be made available free in the Festive Giveaway for PlayStation Mobile titles, Sony announced today.

The company is giving away two PS Mobile games every week through Dec. 18, and then from Jan. 8-22. Super Crate Box (screenshot above), which Vlambeer first released in May 2010, is a frenetic arcade platformer/shooter with pixel art and a chiptune soundtrack. Fuel Tiracas tasks players with managing a planet's natural resources in order to maintain its atmosphere.

Sony also announced the release this week of two other PS Mobile games. In Chromatic Aberration ($3.99), from Zen Accumulator developer Hiive, players must solve puzzles to prove the viability of the human race to alien captors. Quiet Christmas ($0.99), from Quiet, Please! developer Nostatic Software, is a side-scrolling adventure game set at Christmastime.

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