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Puzzler Furmins arriving on PS Vita on Dec. 17

Physics puzzle Furmins will be released for PlayStation Vita on Dec. 17, according to developer Beatshapers.

The game was originally created for iOS by Housemarque, with Beatshapers PS Vita version launching in Europe earlier this year. Beatshapers previous works includes PSP versions of Jetpack Joyride and Canabalt.

In Furmins, players attempt to guide cuddly creatures across a variety of levels by rearranging platforms, springs and other items in order to create safe pathways. The game features 108 levels spread across nine worlds. In addition to new touch controls, the PS Vita edition of the game also includes a new scoring system and leaderboards. No U.S. price has been announced as yet. In the U.K, the game costs £5.49

The next level of puzzles.

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