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CCP lays off 15 staffers working on World of Darkness

CCP, the developer behind Eve Online and vampiric MMO World of Darkness, laid off "approximately 15" members of its staff, senior PR specialist Ned Coker confirmed to Polygon today.

Those affected were part of the World of Darkness team in Atlanta. CCP issued the following statement:

"CCP today made strategic adjustments to the staffing on the team working on the World of Darkness project in Atlanta that resulted in the elimination of approximately 15 positions at the company. The change was due to our evaluation of the game's design and ongoing development needs. While this was a difficult decision, CCP remains committed to the franchise and our promise to make a compelling, rich and deep World of Darkness experience."

World of Darkness was announced in 2006; few details have been released about the game so far. Most recently, it was shown during this year's Eve Fanfest. CCP previously said a team of at least 70 were working on the game.

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