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BloodRayne studio reportedly shuts down

Texas-based studio Terminal Reality, known best for its work on Nocturne, BloodRayne and Ghostbusters: The Video Game, has reportedly shut down according to a Facebook post from former employee Jesse Sosa.

"For those that have known me for a long time know that I was at TRI for 10 years," wrote Sosa. "TRI seems to have finally shut down. A lot of different emotions are passing through me at the moment. I left there when I saw things going downhill but I have always kept up with them and hoped for the best. Now that they're gone, I'm just kind of feeling nostalgic it seems"

The studio most recently released the multi-platform The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which shipped in March, while maintaining a business licensing its Infernal Engine to other companies.

No official announcement has been made from the studio as of it. Polygon has reached out for comment and will update when more information is available.

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