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Mega Man: The Board Game heads to Kickstarter

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Mega Man is getting an officially licensed board game, and developer Jasco Games is taking its tabletop tribute to the Blue Bomber to Kickstarter in an attempt to make Mega Man: The Board Game a reality.

Mega Man: The Board Game will pit Mega Man against a series of classic Robot Masters, like Fire Man, Guts Man and Elec Man, as well as Dr. Wily in the competitive "side-scrolling" game for up to eight players that includes custom game pieces and dozens of play cards and robot tokens.

Jasco Games' Kickstarter is seeking $70,000 to create Mega Man: The Board Game. Backers can get a copy of the game for as little as $60 as part of a time-limited "early bird" special. The standard pricing tier is set at $70. Additionally, a Deluxe Bundle version, which adds support for Oil Man and Time Man, as well as additional pieces, is available for $130 for the Kickstarter's first 24 hours. After that, a Deluxe Bundle requires a $140 pledge.

Other backer rewards include a Proto Man figure, an art print and Mega Man tins for Jasco Games' collectible card game, Universal Fighting System.

Mega Man: The Board Game has an estimated release date of October 2014, should Jasco Games meet its goal. You can watch the company's Kickstarter pitch video below.