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Infinity Blade 3: Ausar Rising ready to expand iOS combat world

Infinity Blade 3's update Ausar Rising is due to arrive on iOS on Dec. 19.

The free update to Chair's touchscreen combat adventure features 60 new items, eight enemies and eight new skills as well as locations such as the Plains of Koroth and Drem's Maw, previously alluded to in the series and its fiction. The update's main location is the Dark Citadel, site of the original Infinity Blade.

New modes include the Survival Arena, a one-on-one combat game and Deathless Quests that is described as only for "the best of the best." Infinity Blade 3 was launched by Epic Games in September.

"This update is going to be just massive," said creative director Donald Mustard, in a preview trailer released today. "It's bigger than any update that we have ever done for any of the Infinity Blade games."

The next level of puzzles.

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