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Dungeon of the Endless comes to Steam Early Access

Dungeon of the Endless, Amplitude Studios' tower defense roguelike, arrived on Steam Early Access this week.

Dungeon of the Endless is available in two versions for Windows PC, both of which are 25 percent off. The $9.74 Pixel Pack (regularly $12.99) includes the game, the soundtrack at release and a community badge. The $14.99 Founder Pack (regularly $19.99) includes many more goodies, including an in-game ship pack, 50 percent off coupons for Amplitude's other games, Endless Space and Endless Space: Disharmony, skins and more.

"What can you expect from that Alpha?" Dungeon of the Endless Steam page asks. "A lot of fun with the core game mechanics. You can also expect bugs obviously, although the game is definitely tested, but as we add new content every day, things can't be as stable or polished as the finished product."

Check out Polygon's impressions of Amplitude Studios' games from Gamescom 2013 to learn more about the Endless universe.