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See Tekken Revolution's narcoleptic female vampire Eliza in action

Namco Bandai's free-to-play fighting game, Tekken Revolution, is getting an original character later this month. Her name is Eliza and she's the winner of a community-voted poll aimed at bringing an all-new Tekken character to the PlayStation 3 game.

She's also a vampire and apparently has trouble staying awake, based on the first gameplay video of Tekken Revolution's Eliza.

In September, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada said Eliza's fighting style would evoke the image of a 2D fighting game character. That's apparent in her thrashing of Devil Jin by employing projectiles, dashes and energy-enhanced special attacks.

While she also appropriately sucks the blood of her opponents, in addition to her consciousness issues, she also strangely has the ability to expand the size of her chest, as the end of the video shows. How the Tekken team will justify that design decision remains to be seen.

According to Famitsu, Eliza will be added to Tekken Revolution beginning Dec. 19.

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