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Details on first Dead Rising 3 DLC released, limited demo available (update)

In Dead Rising 3's first add-on, Operation Broken Eagle, players will attempt to find the missing President of the United States, developer Capcom Vancouver announced today.

The DLC puts players in the boots of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane, who is given a mission that "challenges everything he believes in" — he has to find and capture the president. Operation Broken Eagle consists of that mission, and also includes five new weapons, a new combo weapon, a new vehicle, an outfit and additional Gamerscore. Any experience points earned in the DLC will carry over back into Dead Rising 3 proper.

Operation Broken Eagle is the first of four add-ons in Dead Rising 3's DLC season pass, which costs $29.99. Each DLC will cost $9.99 by itself. You can check out the first Operation Broken Eagle screenshot above.

Capcom Vancouver is also releasing a demo for Dead Rising 3. It will give players a chance to check out the district of Ingleton in the game's open world of Los Perdidos. The demo will be limited to a 20-minute session that can only be played twice on a particular Xbox Live Gamertag.

Update: The Dead Rising 3 demo is available now on Xbox Live, and Operation Broken Eagle will be released next week, according to a blog post from Microsoft's Major Nelson. In an interview with Microsoft representative Jeff Rubenstein, Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge described the character of Adam Kane as a "by-the-books soldier" who "struggles to follow through on his difficult orders."

Update 2: Major Nelson's blog post no longer says Operation Broken Eagle will be available next week; instead, a Microsoft representative told Polygon it will be released Dec. 24.

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