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Incoming Forza 5 update includes new modes, first economy changes

The next patch for Forza Motorsport 5 will include the first set of developer Turn 10 Studios' changes to the in-game economy, as well as two new modes, the studio announced today.

Forza Motorsport 5 was a critical success, but after its release at the launch of the Xbox One, Turn 10 and publisher Microsoft Studios quickly came under fire for the game's economy — many players felt Forza 5's progression design pushed them to spend money on microtransactions, which included individual cars priced as high as $100 in in-game currency. A few days after launch, Turn 10 announced it would be tweaking the progression and economy to address that feedback.

Turn 10 said today that it is "dramatically increasing" the rate at which players earn in-game credits. For example, driver level payouts are going from just over 15,000 credits to 35,000 credits. And those who are playing on average difficulty settings will see their credit earning rates jump by about 60 percent. The developer is also dropping the price of Forza 5's best cars, with an overall reduction of 45 percent in the total price of the cars on the game disc.

In addition, the patch will add two new modes to Forza 5: drag racing (available in both free play and multiplayer) and multiplayer Tag. Turn 10 didn't provide a release date for the patch, but said the update is currently making its way through Microsoft's certification process and should be available soon. You can read our full review of Forza 5 here.

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